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Tracy Duncan-Hartman Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
6th Grade Math


Hello Students and Parents,

My name is Mrs. Duncan-Hartman. I am a 13 year veteran teacher.  I've spent 8 years as a History/Geography teacher and 5 years as Mathematics teacher. I have 3 children and a wonderful husband.  I enjoy my career and love helping children.  I believe we all are capable of learning and being successful.  This is my first year at Southaven Middle and I look forward to a beautiful and exciting journey.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions that I may be able to help you with.


My Motto: Reaching Beyond the Limits

Class Motto: I am Reaching Beyond the Limits. There is No mountain too high, nor ocean too wide, to keep me from reaching My potential. I am Present and I am Ready to Learn!

SMS Student Motto: Stronger than My ExcuseS



 2005  Graduate of Mississippi University for Women

Columbus, Mississippi

2015 Graduate of Belhaven University