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Classroom Handbook



Southaven Middle School

Coach Taylor/7th Grade Science`

2018–2019 School Year


Welcome to 7th grade Science! My name is Coach Taylor and I am ecstatic to begin my first year here at Southaven Middle School. First off, I hope everyone had a fantastic summer break (I know I did), but now it is time to begin a new school year and further your education, so that you may be best equipped to reach your own goals in life. My personal goals for this class are to help you leave my classroom at the end of the year with 1) A higher enthusiasm for learning 2) An increased knowledge of science and its importance and 3) The will to push on towards your dreams. The sky is truly the limit, always know that. With all of that in mind, below are a list of my classroom rules and procedures which will help make all of it possible. Please make sure you all review over these rules and procedures, because they will help this class run smoothly and encourage a healthier learning atmosphere.  


Classroom Rules


  1. Believe in Yourself (No IF’s)
  2. Give Your All 
  3. Have Respect for Everyone who Enters this Classroom 
  4. Raise Your Hand Before Speaking or Leaving Your Seat
  5. Listen and Follow Directions 
  6. Always Come to Class Prepared
  7. Keep Hands, Feet, and Objects to Yourself


Classroom Procedures


Beginning of the Class Period: Everyday, students will be expected to enter the classroom and go straight to their seats in a timely manner. Tardiness is a pet peeve of mine and will not be tolerated unless a note is presented from another faculty member, or if circumstances are communicated to me ahead of time. There will also be a bell ringer on the board students are to begin working on at their desks during each class period, which will serve as an opening idea for what we are learning for that particular day. The final thing expected of students upon entering my classroom will be to write down important dates (tests, quizzes, homeworks, projects, ext.) into some form of planner they can show their parents to keep them up to speed.


Homework: Homework is given on an as needed basis and will account for 15% of your grade. Homework is to be turned in at the beginning of the class period it is due and NO LATER. Late homework assignments will only be granted if students have valid excuses (doctor’s notes, funerals, school functions, and ext.) Homework assignments students were present for are to be turned in on the student’s first day back unless discussed further with me.  


Make-Up Assignments/Tests: It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to make up any assignments due to absences. I will have a make-up folder assigned to each class period for students to check when they have missed class, which will have students’ names on the assignments to take home. If the student(s) have any questions about the assignments, they are encouraged to come to me and I will gladly clear up what they need to do on each assignment. All late assignments are due after the same about of days the student missed (ex. If a student misses three days of class, he/she will be given three days to make up the assignments missed). Tests will be dealt with a little differently. Tests will always be announced at least three days in advance and students should give the teacher a heads up before a day they know they will miss. Test will always be available to make-up, but the decision of when the test will be able to be re-taken will totally be up to the teacher upon discussion with the student. 


Restroom Breaks: Students should use the restroom in-between class periods, but I understand there are times when an individual just has to go. There will be restroom passes used in my room in case of emergencies, but I will be monitoring how often students are coming up having to use them. In other words, I do not want students taking advantage of the restroom passes, because it is to all of the students’ benefit to be in the classroom the whole period and not missing what is being learned for the day. 


Dismissal of Class: The bell does not dismiss my class, I do. The endings of classes are usually the most important, because they offer a wrap-up summary of what was learned for the day and offer you, the students, the opportunity to ask any questions you all may have about what was learned, or assignments we have. I cannot tell you how many times I missed key information because I was using the end of class to put up my things instead of listening to the teacher. If I ever happen to go over the class period in my class, I will always be wiling to write a note for your next period’s teacher, but I will always do my best to wrap up on time. Also, make sure you clean up after yourselves upon leaving the classroom, because our janitors work hard to maintain the cleanliness of this building everyday. 


  Grading Scale

 30% Tests 

25% Projects

20% Quizzes

15% Homework

 10% Daily Grades