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You are going to have an amazing year in my science class.  In my classroom, we are a family and I encourage my parents to be involved as much as possible.  I will reach out to you parents for all kinds of information and about your kiddos.  I love to call and brag on my students! And listen kiddos- your parents love it too! I know because I love getting those good phone calls about my own children! But like a good teacher and parent, I will also call when you are struggling with grades or behavior.  Again, we are family in Mrs. Tubbs classroom  :)

We are going to learn all kinds of fun science topics.  To mention a few things, you will learn about how scientists stay safe in a lab, science tools we will use, why atoms and molecules make up everything, weather patterns, as well as the chemistry of you! You will love all the hands on fun things we will do- from lab activities, group work, to individual and group projects- we do it all in Mrs. Tubbs science class!  #CAN'TWAITCUZSCIENCEROCKS!