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Dear Parents, 

 I will be your child's English teacher this school year and I plan on helping your child succeed in every way possible in my classroom. As an English teacher, I would like for my students to find a passion for reading and writing. I want them to show growth and be proud of themselves for all the effort they put into my class. 

This school year my students will be following the Literature text book. The stories that we will be reading in class will follow along with the workbook that will be kept at home for homework. If you check my calendar on my webpage, you will see the pages that I have assigned for homework that week. Students will have Monday-Friday to do their homework and all homework will be turned in on Fridays (the students can rip out the assigned pages for homework and turn them in on friday).

Also, I want to inform you all that my last name will be changing the first week of October. My fiance and I will be getting married and my new name will be Caitlin Baltes. So, if you hear that name they are referring to myself! Thank you parents for all that you do and I cannot wait to meet you all at our meet the teacher! 

Thank you, 

Ms. Fears/ Mrs. Baltes